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Eng. Abdullahi Ali

Eng. Abdullahi Abdulkadir Ali
The WiderNet Project
Field Associate

Galkaio, Puntland, Somalia

Abdullahi is an Engineer and, since his university days, his life has revolved around computing and new technology.  He has experience with NT Server, Win2K Server, XP, Win9X computing platforms as well as DOS.  He studied networking and has experience setting up and configuring advanced TCP/IP and NT routing.  As well, he is proficient in the installation and troubleshooting major LAN transports such as TCP/IP, firewalls, routers, bridges, and host gateways.

Trained by Cliff Missen, the founder of WiderNet, as an eGranary server installer and customer trainer, Abdullahi has installed eGranary servers and trained the academic, administrative staff and students of numerous higher education institutions in Puntland, Somalia.

Currently, he is online programs director of Global Science University (GSU), Galkaio, Somalia.

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