COEP Content Suggestions

The following are suggestions of Web material that might be useful on the eGranary Digital Library, IMCC version. We could use feedback and suggestions of other sites or software to explore. Send your ideas via e-mail to herwin at widernet dot org.


  • San Francisco CNN Broadcasts
    This is a fabulous site with TV broadcasts, texts, audio, simplified versions of texts, vocabulary exercises and so on. The site says that use is free for any nonprofit purpose, but there may be technical issues that they would have to work with us on. We would want their entire archive of news stories.
  • Newspaper Format Site for Literacy Students
    This is a Canadian site designed like a newspaper. You click on a story and they read it to you. Many of the topics are about adult literacy students looking for work and dealing with money issues. They spell paycheck "paycheque," but it's a small price to pay for good content.
  • Florida Adult High School Courses
    These are Florida high school course textbooks and lesson plans. It does not appear to be commercially developed, so we might be able to get permission to put it on the eGranary Digital Library. Some of the lessons seem to refer to a textbook which is not included, but the business writing course materials are all there.
  • Ocean Exploration Site
    This is a lively report of a recent deep-sea expedition. It is mostly text, but has some pictures.
  • Polar Exploration Site
    Very cool polar expedition report with text and pictures. The reading level is fairly sophisticated. We did a test "scrape" and this site works very well off-line. Some clicks take you to web sites that are not going to be on the eGranary Digital Library, but most of the clicks take you to other parts of the site and they all work.
  • Charts and Graphs
    This material was developed by a fellow in Canada who is now retired. I like his course on charts and graphs, and there are some reading exercises.
  • Adult Learner Resources
    This site has a smattering of reading exercises, articles for literacy students, and math exercises. This site is slow, but would run faster on the eGranary Digital Library.
  • First Find Site
    This is a selection of Web sites chosen for clear reading and reliability of content. It is giving me ideas for creating an eGranary New Reader's Pavilion which would direct new readers to resources on the eGranary Digital Library which have clear, accessible language.
  • Webquests
    This has very nice adult learner lessons. The topics are buying a car, consumer complaints, eating out, and parenting. The problem is that the exercises require that you go onto the web (that's the idea of a webquest). I include this site because it is so nicely done, and eventually we could copy the idea, using the content on the eGranary Digital Library.
  • GED Textbook Materials
    I don't know if we can get permission to use the GED materials on this site or not, but why shouldn't an entire GED curriculum be available on the eGranary? One way or another, it should be doable.
  • University of Iowa Merit Job Application
    It might be useful to scrape the entire site, so clients could read sample job descriptions (the ones that are posted as of the day we scrape), pick a job, download an application, and fill it out with the specific job in mind. Capturing both P&S and Merit would be good for the job descriptions. A password is required to do the P&S application process on the site. Darn. Not so on the Merit side. We can include other application forms, such as the ones on WiderNet's Web site, and a Cedar Rapids city job applicaiton form.
  • State Jobs and Social Services Site
    This is a good overview of state job and social service agencies.
  • Job Listings Statewide
    This is a large collection of job listings statewide.
  • Iowa Business Services
    The Iowa Secretary of State's web site lists corporations, tells you how to form one, lists nonprofit corporations and how to form one, and so on.
  • Choices Curriculum
    Kirkwood has a user name and password for logging onto this resource, and with permission, we can add that to this site. A couple of us at WiderNet reviewed this site and found it very interesting. From the technical point of view, it is compact and could be captured and put in the eGranary Digital Library. The problem, of course, is permission. There was a "choices" website being developed by the Iowa Workforce people, but I have not been able to reach anyone there who knows what happened to that project.
  • ESL Readings With Audio
    This site has readings for different levels of ESL students. It has audio for listening to the texts, and quizzes to test comprehension.
  • Phrases With Audio for ESL Students
    This site has short dialogs, expressions for ESL students to study. There is audio for listening, also.
  • A Lesson on Commas
    I thought that this lesson on commas was lively. There are more comprehensive grammar Web sites, including Strunk's original 1918 textbook, but the challenge is to come up with lively enough material to be useful.
  • Legal Research Site
    This site is one of many free sources of legal information. A law library may or may not become a priority of this project, but the ability to put together a very useful digital law library exists. There are sources for the Iowa Code and Iowa court decisions, in addition to the Federal information on this site. There are also self-help legal sites, such as the ones run by Nolo Press and Any useful law library would have to include Shepherd's Citations, which would have to be purchased (as a subscription) in CD form and made available to clients doing legal research.