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What's Inside


More than 32 million documents, each of them fully indexed and searchable using our powerful, built-in search engine.

Subscribers can also upload their own information, pictures or video and create websites using built-in software called the Community Information Platform.

The eGranary Digital Library represents the collective efforts of hundreds of authors, publishers, programmers, librarians, instructors and students around the globe.

We continue to catalog new items every day, so these numbers are always growing...

The information stored inside the eGranary covers dozens of topics, including:

    • Basic to advanced mathematics
    • Civil, mechanical, electrical and environmental engineering
    • Medical, nursing and public health resources
    • Language dictionaries and tutorials
    • Computer science
    • Atlases, almanacs and other reference materials of all kinds
    • Education and teaching
    • History, sociology, psychology, economics, religion and other social sciences
    • Agriculture, horticulture and zoology
    • Biology, chemistry, geology and physics
    • Literature, art and music


A portal is simply a custom catalog to guide users to resources on a specific subject within the eGranary. Organized to be the most useful to users, they can be simple or very detailed. Examples of portals you'll find inside the eGranary Digital Library.

If you have suggestions for new content or have questions about specific content, please feel free to email