Payment Methods

There are four methods of payment available for purchasing an eGranary Digital Library:

  • Option 1: Credit card
  • Option 2: Check
  • Option 3: Wire transfer
  • Option 4: Cash

Please do not send us money without going through the purchase process and confirming the order! We won't know what it's for and may consider it a donation.

Option 1: Credit Card

The WiderNet Project can accept credit card payments via a PayPal. This can be requested by emailing

Option 2: Check

Checks made payable to the WiderNet Project and referencing your particular order can be mailed to:

The WiderNet Project
1906 East NC Highway 54
Suite 100F
Durham, NC 27713

For your security, DO NOT email us a copy of your check -- even if you're mailing it also!

Option 3: Wire Transfer

  • You need to add $20 to the total of any order to cover any bank handling fees for all wire transfers.
  • Please request instructions for this.
  • Please let us know when you send the wire transfer.

Option 4: Cash

You may pay with cash (US currency only, please) if you are able to come to our offices in person. Arrangement for this need to be made ahead of time.

For your security, DO NOT send cash in the mail under any circumstances!