Options & Additions

In addition to the items detailed on the Products & Pricing page, you can also add custom training, content development or support to you eGranary Digital Library.

Have questions or need more information? Email sales@widernet.org or give us a call at 919-240-4622.

Training and coaching:

  • Training for technicians in installation, use and maintenance (beyond the standard installation instructions and technical support available included with each eGranary.)
  • Training for librarians in use, promotion, and teaching digital information literacy
  • Training for librarians and professors on teaching with digital technology and resources
  • At your site or at the University of Iowa

Training costs vary; for more detail, see Training & Coaching. You'll want to be specific when requesting training.

Custom portal development:

  • Deliver a specific selection of information to a particular target audience
  • Easily guide your patrons to the most critical information first
  • The WiderNet Project staff will build an eGranary portal to your specifications
  • Your patrons enter the eGranary through your interface and yet still have access to the rest of the eGranary through other portals and the search engine

This is a long-term project, so costs will vary. Specific questions about content can be emailed to librarian@widernet.org. Please read Portal Development Opportunities.

Custom content collection:

  • Your organization and WiderNet will work together to identify and WiderNet will attempt to procure permissions for the content area you specify.
  • Using our high bandwidth and years of experience, we can often locate and assess content very rapidly.
  • We harness the experience of professional librarians and instructors in your topic area.
  • Your staff can visit the WiderNet Project to participate, learning to search the Internet, manage content and build curriculum.

This is a long-term project, so costs will vary. Specific questions about content can be emailed to librarian@widernet.org. Please read Portal Development Opportunities.


Additional antivirus protection

  • Additional two-year antivirus licenses might be available for $15 per computer

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