eGranary Digital Library Press Kit

Download your own materials to promote the eGranary in your region using a printer-friendly PDF format. For brochures and fact sheets about the eGranary Digital Library, see



eGranary Digital Library Promotional Posters

Download eGranary Posters 3.41 MB
The full set of eGranary promotional posters. Features different subjects on the eGranary, such as English Literature, Mathematics and Computer Science with URLs these places on the eGranary.


Download eGranary Survey Posters 1.84 MB
Trying to get patrons to complete our eGranary Survey? Help us promote constant feedbakc by putting up these posters that share how to get to the eGranary Surveys.


Individual Posters (for low-bandwidth situations)

All That Access Poster 53.46 KB
This poster shares the different types of materials offered on the eGranary, such as books, web sites, audio and video. White with little color.

Computer Science Poster 102.93 KB
This poster samples some of the information available to those wishing to study Computer Science on the eGranary as well as the URL to the main page.

English Literature Poster 591.92 KB
This poster features how much literary content is on the eGranary. The user has over 20,000 books to choose from. White with green and brown color.

Mathematics Poster 2.43 MB
This poster shares what sort of math tools the user can access on the eGranary. White with black and pink, low color.

Medicine Poster 19.24 KB
This poster shares what medical information one can find on the eGranary. White with red color.

Water Resources Poster 240.31 KB
This poster shares what information is avaible on the eGranary regarding water - including how to make your own safe water well!


Survey Poster 1 1.05 MB
Promotion for the eGranary Survey, those who take the survey have a chance to win an 8 GB Flash Drive for personal use! Low color with some pictures.

Survey Poster 2 736.82 MB
Promotion for the eGranary Survey, in the same light as the famous 'We Need You' posters. Highly stylized color poster, Orange.

Survey Poster 3 141 KB
Much like Survey Poster 1, shows patrons they can take the survey and possibly win an 8GB Flash Drive.