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How It Works

Did you know?

  • In developing countries, many of the universities, schools, clinics and hospitals have no Internet connection.
  • Institutions with connections to the Internet have such limited bandwidth that they cannot offer free web browsing to the majority of their staff and students.
  • Bandwidth in Africa can cost up to 100 times what it costs in the U.S., so for some organizations, a minimal Internet connection can consume the equivalent of one-half their operating budget.
  • Even for those individuals who have the wherewithal to pay for web browsing, the experience can be frustratingly slow -- it can take hours to download a single audio file.

How Does the eGranary Help? 

The eGranary Digital Library addresses these issues by moving a large assortment of educational web documents onto the subscriber's local area network (LAN) so that everyone within the instiution can access the documents freely and instantly.  

We "store the seeds of knowledge" inside the institution where people can access them - even when the Internet connection is broken or nonexistent.

Read on to learn more about how the eGranary works: