Report Highlight: On-Going Evaluation System

Throughout this process we have focused on creating tools that could be used for years to continue this evaluation process.

The Administrator and User surveys have been tested and tweaked and will undergo further updates. They are online and available for the foreseeable future.

We have set up a tracking system so we can easily send requests for feedback to those implementing new installations in six months intervals.

Both surveys will be added to the new 2TB eGranary, which supports local interactive database applications. The records generated will be retrieved along with log files updates.

We have developed a mechanism for processing survey results quickly and will continue to improve the reporting as we collect further responses.

The server log processing application is perhaps the most complex of the tasks we’ve undertaken. It streamlines the processing of logs and makes it very easy for a clerical staff member to manage the entire task, from tracking compliance with log submission, to entering logs in to the database, to generating conventional and custom reports, and then reporting the results back to the submitter.

We have also developed a protocol for conducting focus groups and have trained several student staff and one field representative in the art. We will continue to conduct focus groups while visiting the field for other purposes.