Report Highlight: What We Learned

We have identified several areas for improvement:

  • More effort to create an atmosphere to encourage reporting of technical problems.
  • Consistent use of field associates or roving technicians/trainers to install, follow-up, update, and train staff.
  • Program to track timely reporting and log submissions.
  • Training modules to certify varying levels of eGranary proficiency.
  • Development of training materials for librarians to use in encouraging use of the eGranary Digital Library and in training users.

These are all valuable lessons to learn. These same lessons have been learned all over the world with various forms of technology, so we should view these as systemic failures rather than personal ones.

Someday we hope that the eGranary Digital Library (or something like it) is in every school, hospital, and library in areas around the world that are underserved by the Internet. Understanding the constraints and opportunities are critically important.

This experiment has yielded a great deal of good information. We hope to continue to learn as we move forward with the installations of the next generations of the eGranary Digital Library.

The grant from The Rockefeller Foundation grant has provided us with a wonderful opportunity to build a set of feedback mechanisms that will serve us for years.

Special thanks to The Rockefeller Foundation

The Rockefeller Foundation