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Download appendices:

  1. Final Administrative Survey from WebSurveyor
  2. Final User Survey from WebSurveyor
  3. Log Data Report
  4. Focus Group Reports - Not available to the public
  5. Dr. Kevin Kelly Statistical Analysis:
    A. Administrative Survey  |   B. User Survey
  6. Dr. Tarrell Portman’s Class Analyses:
    A. Qualitative Analysis  |  B. Quantitative Analysis
  7. Nick Wyant Quantitative Analysis
  8. Gantt Chart
  9. List of Evaluation Team, Advisory Committee, and Analysis Sources
  10. Focus Group Format and Questions
  11. Responses to Open-Ended Questions on Surveys
  12. List of Countries Responding to Surveys and Logs
  13. Use, Usability and Usefulness Components Addressed in Surveys and Focus Groups
  14. Congratulatory Letters Sent to winners - Not available to the public
  15. Daily Iowan Report on Evaluation Project and Winners
  16. Graduate College Newsletter article
  17. User Survey Posters
  18. Maps of eGranary Sites
    A. eGranary Installations Worldwide  |  B. eGranary Installations in Africa


Special thanks to The Rockefeller Foundation


The Rockefeller Foundation