eGranary Evaluation Project

eGranary Digital Library

In 2009, the WiderNet Project developed and conducted an evaluation process to assess three major aspects of its off-line eGranary Digital Library: use, usability, and usefulness.

With the growth of the library, both in terms of the number of installations and the increased amount of capacity, the WiderNet Project felt a need to take time to evaluate the current library and to develop on-going reliable mechanisms for evaluating the library’s impact in the field and improving the patron experience and feature set.

The Rockefeller Foundation

With support from The Rockefeller Foundation, we've developed, field tested, and refined an evaluation system that can be used for the foreseeable future to meet the needs of a variety of project stakeholders.

To see a short version of our final report, go to 300 Libraries Later - 285 KB.

To see the full report, go to the Evaluation Download Page.