Don't just take our word for it - see what subscribers and supporters say about the eGranary Digital Library....

"eGranary has been an efficient pocket library in our institution.  It has made quite a positive tremendous contribution towards learning and it is fascinating how the uptake is growing.  As an educator eGranary has made it easier for me to communicate and pass information to the students.  The digital portable library is the difference that we need in the quest to expand educational technology in our facility."

Dennis Ngari
Nurse educator at the P.C.E.Mission Hospital Chogoria


"Perhaps the biggest door we opened for the students was the installation of an eGranary Digital Library. Think of this as an offline copy of the latest snapshot of the internet – over 14 million documents, including all of Wikipedia stored on a 2 terabyte hard drive and accessed over a server. Because this remote school does not yet have internet access, the ability to research almost any topic represents a monumental improvement over their existing library. It was amazing to watch the learners as they internalized the impact of this resource. Imagine being able to instantly receive an explanation for concepts that had previously remained a mystery – this was what we witnessed, and it was incredible."

Intel Education Service Corps (IESC) Volunteers
Kenya & Zambia

"The WiderNet Project and the eGranary Digital Library are two of the best things to happen to Nigeria."

Digital Library Issues workshop participant
Ahmadu Bello University - Nigeria

"Our biology teacher told us to research information on evolution from the eGranary and we were surprised to find so much on evolution from the eGranary"

Chinenye Obiorah, Student
Creative Minds International Academy - Jos, Nigeria

"It was a fantastic success; both the students and faculty were delighted by even a small taste of the eGranary content."

John Frediani, eGranary Donor
Jos, Nigeria

"I want to thank you for this great initiative which, from the African perspective, is a real godsend.  I am passionate about it and would like to participate in it, as a beneficiary at first and active contributor as well.

We need this support at my university urgently. We have serious constraints in terms of information and man power."

Professor Peter John Opio, Director
Graduate School and International Relations, Kampala International University - Uganda

"I thank you immensely for your gigantic contribution to education at Usmanu Danfodiyo University (UDU) through the wonderful eGranary Digital Library.

Now both the staff and students of UDU are hooked and completely in love with the library. It is comprehensive and fast; now most of our staff and students visit the internet less and less because of the library, thereby saving a lot on bandwidth.

I am now under serious pressure from those departments who could not identify any materials for their departments to include them in the library."

Ahmed Isah Chafe, Director, MIS and Coordinator
Nigerian University Network, Usmanu Danfodiyo University - Sokoto, Nigeria

"...we have been having difficulties due to the death of reference materials in many subject areas. Since the installation of the [eGranary] our lecturers and students have been exposed to a variety of reference sources.

Recently our institution played host to a team of resource inspectors from the National Board of Technical Education, NBTE, who came to accredit our programmes. The materials that were accessed in the [eGranary] formed a major plank in the accreditation requirements, which made us achieve the 98% success level at that accreditation exercise."

Report on the eGranary Digital Library
Federal Polytechnic Nekede - Imo State, Nigeria

"The eGranary Digital Library has helped our students and lecturers in accessing academic materials which were not easily accessible due to limited bandwidth.

The concept is very good for those with limited or no bandwidth and should be supported. It has become part and parcel of our e-learning platform.”

Nyaga Gacheru, Network Administrator
Jomo Kenyatta, University of Agriculture and Technology - Kenya

"I've been showing off the eGranary at several places in Haiti. People are really impressed and I'm sure more interest will be generated.

Today I have an order for two hard drives. I still have more places to demonstrate; so hope to place more orders for you. Thanks for your wonderful efforts on behalf of people in undeveloped places."

Sister Marie Vittetoe
Milot, Haiti

"The eGranary Digital Library concept is the solution for creation and distributing online content challenges currently facing most African countries.”

Jacob Mtui, Research and Development
University of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

The idea is simply GREAT!  We are trying to promote it in Bangladesh, especially educational institutions providing higher studies in remote areas.”

Mizanur Munna
Positive Bangladesh Initiatives, Bangladesh

"eGranary Digital Library has been a great bridge in the digital divide for us at the University of Jos in Nigeria. It has served the purpose of bringing the Internet to our doorsteps.

We’ve had problems with bandwidth cost, paying about $6,000 monthly for a bandwidth of 128/64 (that's about the speed of two phone modems being shared by dozens or hundreds of people).  We’ve had to put other expenses on hold in order to pay for bandwidth that is not very reliable. It is still costly (based on our GDP and general income) for staff and students to pay for Internet access.

So, the eGranary, with about 2 million documents downloaded from the Internet, has been a great asset for us. We have it up and running on our intranet with no bandwidth cost and it’s accessible at the speed of lightning! What better motivation for academics!

The eGranary holds great promise for developing economies where bandwidth and the cost of Internet access is high.”

Dr. Stephen Akintunde, Deputy University Librarian
University of Jos - Jos, Nigeria

"Obviously it is an exciting learning/research masterpiece. In fact every day I use it, I get so glued to a wide range of academic information devoid of the distractions associated with the Internet.

And more so, I am not bothered by the fact that our library has no Internet connection for now. Our learners just progress with their work so comfortably.  I JUST LIKE IT!"

Christopher Agwu, Library Principal Technical Officer II
University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria