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GDRL Press Kit

Download your own set of GDRL promotional posters in printer-friendly PDF format. For brochures and fact sheets about the WiderNet Project, see



GDRL Poster Sets

Download GDRL Posters 4.72 MB
A series of posters to help promote your GDRL.

Download GDRL Survey Posters 2.43 MB
A series of posters to promote the GDRL Surveys, these posters direct readers to give WiderNet important feedback on the GDRL to help us improve their experience.

Individual posters (for low-bandwith situations)

GDRL Promotional Posters

GDRL Plain Poster 82 KB
A poster designed for promoting the GDRL, can be used anywhere, very generic, lots of white space. "Global Disability Rights Library, it's here, it's fast, it's free!"

GDRL Deaf/Hard of Hearing Poster 108 KB
Promotional poster with a focus on material for those that are deaf or hard of hearing. Displays 'GDRL' in American sign language with multi-color hands and a URL directing patrons to the GDRL.

GDRL Access Poster 158 KB
Highly visual poster highlighting some specific information you can find on the GDRL such as 'Promoting Disability rights' 'Marginalized Populations' and 'The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

GDRL CRPD Poster 108 KB
Poster designed to promote the section of the GDRL based on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilites, stating that it contians the full document and several toolkits to help utilize the convention.

GDRL Web sites Poster 87 KB
Single poster that highlights important websites within the GDRL the patron can visit, with clickable links for easy access.

GDRL Learn More Poster 108 KB
Single poster highlighting a few specific areas of the GDRL and focusing on the speed of access on the GDRL '5,000 times faster than the web' 'Books, video, audio, web sites'.

GDRL Survey Posters

GDRL General Survey Poster 95 KB
Single poster promoting the three surveys related to the GDRL - the accessibility , portal evaluation and user surveys. Provides a short description of each survey and a direct, clickable link to the three surveys.

GDRL Portal Suvey Poster 109 KB
A more detailed poster focusing on the eGranary portal evaluation, where users can provide feedback on a specific portal they experienced on the eGranary, the poster provides examples of some of the portals relating to GDRL content and a direct, clickable link to the survey.

GDRL Accessibilty Survey Poster 98 KB
Sinlge poster dedicated to the accessibility survey, focusing on how easy it is for those with specfic disabilities to use the eGranary Digital Library.