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eGranary Academy 2018 Workshops

Mastering Digital Information (Web 1.0) 

1-day workshop

   Basics of the Web

   Locating and using digital resources

   Preserving and reusing digital resources

   Promoting information literacy


Creating Digital Information (Web 2.0) 

2-day workshop

Prereq: Mastering Digital Information

   Creating Web Pages

       with the Community Information Platform

   Web site planning, design, and styles

   Collecting, digitizing, and sharing local content

   Scanning and photography for the Web

   Creating images and audio

       with Inkscape, GIMP, and Audacity


Creating Course Syllabi

1-day workshop

Prereq: Mastering Digital Information

   Strategies for instructional design

   Course redesign

   Interacting with instructors/partners

   The basic elements of a course Web site


The Power of the INTRAnet

1-day workshop

   Overview of local area networking

   Extending your intranets/LAN

   When best to use wired and wireless

   Campus planning for fiber, copper, and Wi-Fi