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eGranary Academy Nigeria 2018



WiderNet  is pleased to invite you to our eGranary Academy spring training program at The Redemption Camp in Lagos, Nigeria, July 30 - August 3.

Whether you currently use an eGranary or are considering installing one soon, this will be the definitive way for you and your staff to master the eGranary, create local Web sites, manipulate and create graphics, and design digital courses.


Over five days, attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the best practices and lessons drawn from universities throughout the world. The workshops include:

  • Mastering Digital Information (Web 1.0)
  • Creating Digital Information (Web 2.0)
  • Creating Course Syllabi
  • The Power of the INTRAnet
  • More details...

The cost for this five-day hands-on workshop is N216,000, which includes snacks, refreshments, handouts, and lunch at the training site.  Each participant will also receive a USB key loaded with free software and thousands of technical training resources, as well as be eligible to win raffle prizes from WiderNet, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Lenovo.

Thinking about getting a new eGranary? Act fast, and receive $200 off the registration fee.

Seating is limited. Register early!

Register online!  (Pay in USD to receive a 15% discount.  View Payment Information )

View or download the Workshop Flyer

View or download the official Invitation Letter (coming soon)

For more information, contact WiderNet Field Associates

Jennifer Abagyeh-Igbudu  (, )

Shola Kehinde (