Kwithu's New Library
Analog and Digital resources for orphan resource center in Mzuzu, Malawi.


6 Attendee Responses
General Evaluation
The facilities were clean, comfortable, and pleasant 10
The location was convenient 9.8
The equipment was adequate and functional 9.3
The support staff was friendly and helpful 10
The meals and beverages were plentiful and satisfying 8.8
The course topic was timely and relevant 9.3
The course content met my expectations 9.2
The course materials were high-quality 10
The course materials were useful 10
The course was just the right length of time 9.8
The training was reasonably priced 8.8
The training has met my expectations 9.3
This training will improve my professional capabilities 9.7
I would recommend this training to my colleagues 10
I would be interested in attending future WiderNet training 9.8
The Instructor
Instructor was effective 9.8
Instructor covered concepts in a clear and concise manner 9.8
Instructor appeared to be well practiced and confident 10
Instructor understood the material presented 9.5
Instructor spoke clearly and loudly enough to suit the audience 9
Instructor taught at a pace suitable to the audience 9.4
Instructor left room for questions and answered each thouroughly 10
The Training
The session topic was timely and relevant 9.5
The session content met my expectations 8.8
The session visual aids were of high-quality 9.6
The session handouts were useful (ignore if no handouts) 10
The session was just the right length of time 9.5


The training was on point and covered a lot of content. Looking forward for a next training in the future.
Very effective training, but need more time to learn a lot.
This is a good idea keep it up. This will increase the world wide number of people having access to free information they need to have at a good time.
It was really great I enjoyed it and I have acquired something I didn't know before.
The training was meaningful, but we need extra training.
An outstanding training. I have grasped a lot of new ideas during this training. Learned how to use new software and how to use a web search.
Enjoyed the training and looking forward to training others.
The training was very effective. I learned quite a lot of things on graphic design, which I would recommend other colleges to learn. Especially women.
It has been a brilliant training so far. The instructor has been a wonderful person.
Really great. Enjoyed it and I have even acquired something I did not know before.
An effective training. I wish I had more time to explore other features of the eGranary digital library