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WiderNet - What is COEP

The Corrections Off-line Education Platform (COEP) is an off-line digital library (eGranary) that serves users in detention, treatment and other institutions that lack Internet access.

Benefits of this Platform

  • Secure, off-line connection 
  • No bandwidth costs
  • Provide thousands of individuals with instant access to educational materials over local area networks (LANs).
  • Provide a low-cost way to deliver millions of educational resources
  • tools for creating new, local content.
  • Includes pre-configured Web 2.0 technologies.

How Do We Do This?

The eGranary is a digital library as well as an intranet; this provides users with both highly organized information as well as browsing that information on an Internet-like interface.  The eGranary delivers millions of Internet resources to institutions lacking adequate Internet access through a process of copying Web sites – with permission – and delivering them to intranet Web servers inside partner institutions.

Main features of COEP:

  • The WiderNet has developed Prison centered packages with an emphasis on:
    • Tutorials
    • Certifications
    • Computer-based job search training
    • Web design
    • GED
    • ESL
    • Life-skill building
  • COEP's customized interfaces making it easier for educators and inmates to locate the right materials.


  • 2,000+ authors and publishers have granted permission to distribute their work, including:
    •  Intel
    • Wikipedia
    • Gutenberg Project
    • MIT’s OpenCourseware

Content Suggestions View links to Web sites that have promising content. Comments and suggestions are welcome by email to wclarke@widernet.org.

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