September/October 2012

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In the September/October 2012 Issue:

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500th eGranary installed in Lamu, Kenya

The WiderNet Project's 500th eGranary Digital Library was installed this summer in the remote island village of Lamu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site off the coast of Kenya in East Africa. Lamu is Kenya’s oldest continuously-inhabited town. WiderNet Project Director Cliff Missen spent three days on the island training teachers and librarians while installing the eGranary at the American Corners Library.



 WiderNet Project expanding Field Associate program

The WiderNet Project is looking for more individuals in developing countries to serve as Field Associates for their community. Candidates for the position must have demonstrated skills in customer support, information technology, networking, digital information management, and strong interpersonal communication. Some experience using or supporting an eGranary is, of course, essential.



 Volunteer fundraises for an eGranary at the Dalai Lama Institute

The Dalai Lama Institute for Higher Education is looking for a modern library - and WiderNet volunteer David Quegg believes the eGranary Digital Library is the solution to their needs. The new college, located outside Bangalore, India, will train future teachers for the Tibetan Children’s Village (TCV) schools in India. TCV is responsible for the care and education of 16,000 orphans and refugee children from Tibet. The campaign will run through the beginning of December; you can click here to learn more about this effort and make your own donation.



 eGranary Digital Library featured in EDUCAUSE Review Online

The eGranary Digital Library was featured this month in EDUCAUSE Review Online as part of their 'Good Ideas' series. The article was a collaboration between WiderNet PR assistant Nick Patten and EDUCAUSE editor Nancy Hays. EDUCAUSE is a non-profit community focused on the issues of IT in higher education. This months edition of their publication focused on college affordability. The article centers on how WiderNet and the eGranary Digital Library improve affordability for higher education for students and educators in developing nations.

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Upcoming Events

Please contact us if you are interested in more information on any of these events.

  • October 21 - 27: Missen will head over to Jos, Nigeria, for more eGranary training
  • October 26: Volunteer day at WiderNet in Iowa City
  • October 29 - 31: eGranary training in Abuja, Nigeria
  • Late November: Missen will travel to Ethiopia for eGranary training at Jimma University
  • Late December/Early January: WiderNet will be relocating to the University of North Carolina - more information to come about the move!


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