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October/November 2010 Newsletter

WiderNet News


In the October/November 2010 Issue:

  • The Evolution of the eGranary: The First 10 Years
  • Computer Refurbishing at the WiderNet Project
  • In Memoriam of Rex Honey
  • Volunteer Highlight: Preethi Ambati 

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The Evolution of the eGranary: The First 10 Years

At its outset, the eGranary Digital Library was a CD-ROM full of copied websites mailed to a handful of universities in Nigeria.  However, the thirst for information quickly outgrew the 650MB capacity of a CD-ROM.  Today's eGranary contains more than 14 million resources and is the equivalent of 3,000 CD-ROMs.  Installed in over 350 location worldwide since 2000, the eGranary Digital Library has continued grow and better serve the needs of close to one million users.


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Computer Refurbishing at the WiderNet ProjectTCV

The WiderNet project has installed over 1,200 computers across Africa using equipment and hardware from donations. About 700 people have donated over $1.1 million worth of computer equipment to The WiderNet Project. Computer refurbishing, combining spare parts from old computers to build complete, working systems, is the process that readies these computers for installation abroad.



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In Memoriam of Rex Honey

The WiderNet Project is deeply saddened by the loss of long-time supporter, and Executive Committee member Rex Honey. Rex died Saturday Oct 23rd at the age of 65. 



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Volunteer Highlight: Preethi AmbatiPreethi Ambati

The many enterprises of the WiderNet Project would be impossible if not for good databases that allow partners and volunteers from around the world to collaborate and coordinate their efforts.  WiderNet has been very lucky to have the database programming skills of volunteer, Preethi Ambati, who has been working on the creation and management of Web databases, including several for the Global Disability Rights Library.


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