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New 2017 eGranary

Latest eGranary the Best Yet.. and Still a Bargain !

The 2017 eGranary Digital Library, to be released on January 1, will include major improvements throughout. 

The most significant upgrade: expanding from 4,000 GB to 6,000 GB of content!  This includes 100+ updated Web sites, 100 new Web sites, and (drum roll, please…) 2,400 TED Talk videos. 

In the most ambitious rewrite to date, WiderNet programmers, led by Jay Clelland, have update the core software to the latest versions of Apache, MySQL, and Moodle, as well as made dozens of code optimizations and fixes.

Mitali Lebeck has updated the underlying software for the Community Information Platform (which allows users to easily add content and edit Web pages) adding dozens of tools for better image handling, user account setup, and accessibility.

Programmer Whitney Clarke has developed a new version of the eGranary Browser, a customized version of the latest FireFox browser, that makes using the eGranary easier and viewing media files a breeze.

And the librarians, Laura Ashcraft and Danielle Moore, have developed interfaces that make it easier to demonstrate the myriad eGranary features and learn about key new content.

But wait!  That’s not all!!

On the technical side Billy Gagon and our techie volunteers have developed a new 12-volt (battery powered) All-In-One server that includes the eGranary, eight network ports, and built-in Wi-Fi.  It can run for hours on a small battery and for days on a car-sized battery.

Matched with our 12-volt projector, one can make a “pop up” computer lab and teach IT or provide library services literally anywhere.

Our new server line includes faster processors, double the memory, and more compact designs.

The best news: not a single price increase!