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Ebola Emergency Response Library

Medical students at the A. M. Dogliotti School of Medicine in Monrovia, Liberia.


Providing accurate and timely medical information to health care and public health workers as well as community leaders and individuals -- no Internet required. 

The Ebola epidemic is still an international public health emergency and The WiderNet Project and WiderNet@UNC have created a pocket library for people, especially local health care workers in Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone, responding to the Ebola crisis in Africa.

We’ve collected high-quality digital resources for everyone from physicians and researchers to families, teachers, media outlets, and school children. 

 While this collection is now available on the World Wide Web for those who have Internet access, the resources will also be distributed on 32GB chips for use in smartphones, tablets, and laptops in places that lack internet access.  The chips can be freely copied so that the information spreads faster than the disease. 

The Internet version of the Ebola Pocket Library can be viewed at:

The downloadable version can be found here:

Download the Ebola Pocket Library

A list of sites sharing the Ebola Pocket Library can be accessed here:          

          Sharing the Ebola Pocket Library

You can help support this project by donating the use of your resources about Ebola treatment and prevention, hospital and staff training, logistics, comforting those who have lost family and friends, travel safety, and information for the general public.  

If you have resources to include please contact us at:  

DONATE NOW your time, talents, funds or microchips to this project.

This collection will also be added to the eGranary Digital Library, an off-line information cache that already contains millions of general resources for health care trainers and practitioners.

Since much of the developing world lacks internet access and therefore access to essential medical information, The WiderNet Project and WiderNet@UNC created the Ebola Pocket Library containing practical information from sources such as the CDC, WHO, Doctors Without Borders, Khan Academy and Wikipedia and includes: 

  • Ebola fact sheets and basic information
  • treatment, and prevention of Ebola
  • training information for medical staff
  • occupational health and safety guidelines
  • case studies and reports
  • general resources for emergency preparedness
  • travel safety
  • posters and other print materials for posting in public places
  • safe burial practices for the victims of Ebola.  

For a fuller list of topics sought, please see:

Ebola Emergency Response Library Contents

These pocket libraries can help practitioners and educators stem the tide of the current Ebola epidemic in Africa... and the educational resources and information about how to avoid disease agents and decrease the spread of infectious diseases could help avert future outbreaks as well.

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