Community Information Platform

What is the CIP? 

The Community Information Platform, or CIP, is a new addition to the eGranary Digital Library.  The previous edition of the eGranary only allowed users to view information that had been pre-installed.  With the CIP each eGranary is interactive: it allows users to create and edit their own content to add to their eGranary. 

The Community Information Platform, sponsored by Intel, includes a host of Web 2.0 technologies, like built-in Web editors, LDAP security, Moodle, MySQL, PHP, Drupal and others. Subscribers can set up unlimited Web sites on their server and use free, built-in software to make Web pages, upload files and share local information with each other.  

How do I use it? 

Using a simple interface, users can create Web sites that are stored in their local eGranary. The interface makes it easy to upload files, like photos, slideshows and documents.  Your Web page or site can be about anything you want.  Examples of the type of content you might want to create using the CIP are:

  • a page or site for a community club or group;
  • a community directory;
  • a Web site for a school, library, hospital or other community organization;
  • a course Web site;
  • a personal Web page about yourself or your family, with information and photos;
  • social networking sites.   

Is it difficult to create a Web page using the CIP?

Creating Web pages on the Community Information Platform is easy.  The built in Web editing software contains pre-configured settings and themes that can be used for the creation of new Web pages.  With these built in, ready to use features, you can create a fully functioning Web page or site by simply adding the information you wish to appear on your Web page to a pre-configured template.  

Who can create and edit Web pages on the CIP? 

The built in software allows editors to add and edit content.  The eGranary manager can create an unlimited number of Web sites that can be viewed by anyone within the community. Users can only alter their own Web sites, not the original eGranary content or the sites of other users.