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Learn information technology (IT) skills, from beginner to advanced levels.
  • ICT Competency Standards for Teachers: Competency Standards Modules
    • The teacher is responsible for establishing the classroom environment and preparing the learning opportunities that facilitate studentsí use of technology to learn, and communicate. Consequently, it is critical that all classroom teachers are prepared to provide their students with these opportunities.
  • ICT Competency Standards for Teachers: Policy Framework
    • This paper explains the rationale, the structure, and the approach of the ICT Competency Standards for Teachers (ICT-CST) project. It explains how teacher professional development fits into the larger education reform context, as countries review their educational systems in relation to producing 21st century skills in support of social and economic development. It can be used as a guide by those concerned with education decision-making and teacher professional development in preparing their training curriculum and course offering proposals.
  • Information Seeking on the Web
    • This paper presents findings from a study of how knowledge workers use the Web to seek external information as part of their daily work. Thirty-four users from seven companies took part in the study. Participants were mainly IT specialists, managers, and research/marketing/consulting staff working in organizations that included a large utility company, a major bank, and a consulting firm.
  • They Threw Me a Computer -- But What I Really Needed Was a Life Preserver
    • This paper identifies four attributes of the digital divide -- literacy, access, content and training -- and discusses the role of libraries and museums in cultivating each of these capacities. The central thrust of the paper is that there are comprehensive solutions to bridge the divide (in the realization of these four elements) where the technological component is necessary but not sufficient to move the truly disadvantaged into the mainstream of American life.
  • When Beggars Become Choosers
    • My paper argues that leaders in open source projects only have indirect means of influence on what co-developers should develop. It is shown that leaders are beggars for help and contributions from co-developers, when the project starts up.
  • Why are There so Few Female Computer Scientists?
    • This report examines the influences against a woman's pursuing a career in a technical field, particularly computer science. Such factors include the different ways in which boys and girls are raised, the stereotypes of female engineers, subtle biases that females face, problems resulting from working in predominantly male environments, and sexual biases in language. Finally, I discuss effective and ineffective ways to encourage women.