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Materials to help you study and learn the basic of a wide variety of subject areas. These materials can also help you study for taking the G.E.D. examination.
  • Math Refresher
    • Review of fundamental math concepts in a straight-forward, accessible way.
  • Nature of Mathematics
    • Welcome to the Nature of Mathematics. This blog is a set of notes for a first year seminar course that Iím teaching at the University of Richmond. This course will be a selective historical view of what is mathematics and what do mathematicians really care about. We will ask questions like * Why is proof so important to mathematics? * Is mathematics invented or discovered? * Who has the burden of proof in a mathematical argument, the author or the reader? * Are some proofs better than others? * Do computer calculations give satisfying mathematical arguments? * Does mathematics need to be practical? * Is mathematics really standing on firm logical ground?
  • Teaching and Learning Spanish
    • A blog dedicated to teaching and learning the Spanish language featuring low-cost and free resources for those who are learning and teaching Spanish.