Category: Toolkits on Inclusion in Emergency Preparedness

  • Guidelines for Creating Barrier-Free Emergency Shelters
    • This document provides guidance on the design and building of barrier-free emergency shelters that may be used by all people, including those with disabilities, within a community following a natural disaster, such as a flood or landslide. PDF format.
  • How to Include Disability Issues in Disaster Management: Following Floods 2004 in Bangladesh
    • This report provides practical ideas and specific knowledge on how to include people with disabilities in disaster management. It presents guidelines for the preparation for and prevention of natural disasters, immediate response and post emergency reconstruction, taking into account the specific needs of people with disabilities. PDF format.
  • The Impact of Climate Change on People with Disabilities
    • The objective of this paper is to share information about the needs of people with disabilities and good practices for inclusion in disasters, emergencies, violence and conflict, scarcity of resources, and development efforts, all of which will be affected by climate change. PDF format.