Category: Cultural Studies

  • Journal of American Indian Education
    • The JAIE is a professional journal that publishes papers directly related to the education of American Indian/Alaska Natives. The JAIE also invites scholarship on educational issues pertaining to Native Peoples of the world, including First Nations (Aboriginal People of Canada), Native Hawaiian, Maori, Indigenous Peoples of Latin America and others. The goal of the Journal of American Indian Education is to improve Native Education through knowledge generation and transmission to classrooms and other educational settings. The JAIE encourages dialogue between researchers and teachers through research-based scholar and practitioner articles elucidating current innovations in the classroom.
  • Population Division Working Papers
    • A list of 96 working papers regarding population division.
  • Social Studies: Latin America and Canada
    • An online moodle course about Latin American and Canadian Social Studies.
  • What is a Utopia?
    • A utopia can be defined as an ideal or perfect place or state, or any visionary system of political or social perfection. Read more to learn about utopian societies.