Category: Community Based Agents

  • 12 Steps for Creating a Culture of Retention: a Workbook for Home and Community-Based Long-Term Care Providers
    • All long-term care agencies struggle to find and keep sufficient, reliable, and skilled staff capable of meeting client needs and providing great quality care. This workbook offers 12 concrete steps to guide agencies in developing excellent recruitment, selection and retention practices.
  • Adherence Support Worker Training Materials
    • This course teaches community volunteers to interact with patients in settings where they provide HIV education, treatment support, and ART adherence counseling. It also equips people to participate in the referral network and to reengage treatment defaulters. The material includes technical information and techniques for relationship building and couseling. Modules include didactic sessions, role plays, and group exercises.
  • Improving Community Health Worker Use of Malaria Rapid Diagnostic Tests in Zambia
    • Increased interest in parasite-based malaria diagnosis has led to increased use of rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs), particularly in rural settings. The scarcity of health facilities and trained personnel in many sub-Saharan African countries means that limiting RDT use to such facilities would exclude a significant proportion of febrile cases. Use of RDTs by volunteer community health workers is one alternative, but most sub-Saharan African countries prohibit CHWs from handling blood, and little is known about CHW ability to use RDTs safely and effectively.
  • Reducing The Impact of the Next Influenza Pandemic Using Household-Based Public Interventions
    • The outbreak of highly pathogenic H5N1 influenza in domestic poultry and wild birds has caused global concern over the possible evolution of a novel human strain [1]. If such a strain emerges, and is not controlled at source [2,3], a pandemic is likely to result. Health policy in most countries will then be focused on reducing morbidity and mortality.