Will the eGranary Sell the Materials they Ask for Permission to Copy?

No, we do not sell the donated content included in the eGranary Digital Library.

As well, every subscriber is required to sign an agreement that they will not sell the donated materials (and not make it available on the Internet - only on their own intranets.)

We are a non-profit service organization based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina with the core mission of serving the world's information poor without making them too much poorer. So we are always looking for ways to sustain our efforts while keeping the costs of eGranary Digital Library ownership as affordable as possible.

We DO charge subscribers for librarianship, equipment, and services (like training and custom portals), but never for the content itself.

The price to purchase an eGranary reflects the actual costs of purchasing, testing and troubleshooting, dealing with failed drives, preparing and handling hardware, as well as providing technical support and updates. We believe that all formats of the eGranary Digital Library represent a fantastic bargain, though the prices may change as we learn what it takes to make this effort self-sustaining. 

For more information, see our eGranary Products and Pricing page.