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Partnerships Manager

Rate of Pay:  $10-12
Hours per Week: 20-30
Work Schedule:  Flexible between 8 AM and 5 PM, Monday through Friday.



The Partnerships Manager administers the eGranary Field Associate Program, manages project partnerships, and assists in arranging outreach and training programs both domestically and abroad.

eGranary Field Associate Program: The program consists of IT professionals around the world who promote eGranary products and services and provide sales support, maintenance, and training for eGranary sites in their communities. WiderNet currently works with 10 Field Associates who operate on a commission basis. The Partnerships Manager provides support for Field Associates by offering coaching, training, promotional materials, logistical assistance, networking, and prompt payment for work. She/he also recruits new Field Associates. The Partnerships Manager works intensively both with Field Associates individually and as a group.

Project Partnerships: The Partnerships Manager works with WiderNet staff and partners to develop project proposals, designs, and all reports and ensures that all project logistics are arranged. This includes assisting with shipping materials, arranging payments, and initiating clear communications with all stakeholders.

Arranging WiderNet outreach and training programs: WiderNet staff participate in trainings, conferences, and meetings both in the United States and abroad. The Partnerships Manager works alongside WiderNet staff to arrange travel and logistics. In addition, she/he helps staff prepare for their travel by arranging itineraries, presentation materials, and proposals.



Job Requirements:

Be flexible! WiderNet works with hundreds of organizations around the world and we are often surprised by who we will work with next. Sometimes, a well-prepared partnership falls through, but another comes to our attention without warning. Sensitivity to intercultural issues and technical conundrums is critical.

Communicating clearly is key. The Partnerships Manager works with people with many different cultural backgrounds, particularly the Field Associates. It is imperative to learn quickly how to collaborate with them and listen well.

Manage many types of tasks concurrently. Each day at WiderNet is unique, and the Program Manager must be able to jump from problem-solving with Field Associates, to writing reports, or to communicating with prospective partners with ease.

Job Skills:

Experience working in cross-cultural contexts, preferably in the majority world Excellent communications skills, including punctuality, clarity, and the ability to use physical and virtual communications platforms

Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications, particularly Outlook, OneNote, Word, and Excel Strong writing skills for creating reports, promotional materials, and communications Grant-writing experience preferred


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