Maintenance Policy

Maintenance is the process of providing service to prolong the life of hardware and software provided by the WiderNet Project as well as maximizing the utility of the technology.  Duties involved include:

  • Providing on-site technical support to institutions that have purchased WiderNet Project technology.  Such support includes the maintenance of both hardware and software.
  • Providing technical support to purchasing institutions via phone or email.  For problems that can be fixed by the user, it is encouraged that the maintenance associate provide help via phone or internet rather than providing on-site service as small problems can be fixed with minimal cost to all involved.
  • Providing subscribers with content updates as the updates are released. 

Maintenance should be provided only by those who are qualified to offer technical support.  Qualifications include a basic knowledge of computer programming and upkeep.  For issues involving the organization of eGranary content, education in the field of library science is encouraged. 

Web-based, email, and phone support will be covered by subscriptions purchased with the eGranaries.  Users may pay extra to be covered by technical support.  This money goes into a separate fund to pay for maintenance needs as they arise. 

On-site maintenance must be paid for by the subscriber:

  • One year of on-site maintenance expenses is covered by the initial $250 fee that includes installation.
  • Continued maintenance service costs $250 per year.
  • In addition to the $250 per year cost of maintenance, users must also pay the travel expenses of the field associate.