Installation Policy

Installation is the process of setting up technology provided by the WiderNet Project at a purchasing institution. Duties involved include:

  • The placement of all hardware in the required areas once they have arrived at the institution (basically putting computers/servers where they need to be.)
  • The installation and setup of all software provided by the WiderNet Project.
  • Confirming that the newly installed hardware and software is sufficiently in place without foreseeable problems that can be prevented or mitigated in the installation process.
  • Providing maintenance services to any eGranaries that they install.
  • Ensuring that license agreements have been signed by the user for any eGranaries that are purchased.
  • Providing on-site training upon to prospective users. Training should take place upon installation and on a periodic basis so long as the purchasing institution continues to pay for continued technical support.

Installers are paid in relation to how many installations they make, as well as the magnitude of each installation. For further information on the logistics of installing various systems or equipment, the WiderNet Project provides the information on its Web site. For further detail on payment of installers, see the payment policy for field associates.