Copyright & Permission Policy

Any content that is included in the eGranary will maintain its current copyright information.

No material in the eGranary is to be modified beyond being entirely added or deleted, there is to be no alteration of the pages themselves beyond the elimination of adware.

The only exception to this rule are public domain materials and resources whose authors or publishers explicitly state that the material can be altered.  Copyrights will still remain attached to all material in the eGranary and uphold its original status of public domain, private organization, etc. 

Citations for materials found in the eGranary should reference the original author or publisher, not the eGranary or the WiderNet Project.

All copyrighted information may be reproduced only with permission of the copyright holder, or according to the terms outlined by the individual Web site.

The eGranary Digital Library includes content in the public domain, or designated open source, or assigned a Creative Commons license.  The Creative Commons is defined as the international organization under which documents are licensed giving users the freedom to share and/or build upon the material.  

The use of materials in the eGranary is considered to be non-commerical as the content of the eGranary is not being sold.

The WiderNet Project makes no effort to obtain explicit permission to include material from the public domain or from the Creative Commons.  Rather, it is understood that this material is generally available for use and distribution.

The WiderNet Project also obtains content from organizations and authors of other general, copyright-restricted materials.  It is our intention that no material is included in the eGranary without the author's permission.

The process of obtaining information from providers of copyright-restricted materials involves contacting the author or publisher of this material and requesting permission, in writing or via email, to allow the inclusion of their material in the eGranary.  Permission will be obtained only from the copyright holder who is legally authorized to give permission, be it the author or the publisher.

The WiderNet Project informs the copyright holder as to the intended use of the copyright-protected content in the eGranary should they agree to allow their material to be included therein.

Some important facts about which the copyright holders will be informed include:

  • Should the copyright holder agree to include some or all of their material in the eGranary, the material that they approve will be included in the next update of the eGranary.
  • This updated content will be made available to all users of the eGranary.  
  • The content will be provided free of charge. The WiderNet Project is not selling any of the eGranary's material and is no way profiting from the content of the eGranary.
  • Users are strictly prohibited from sharing the content of the eGranary via public forums.  All copyright holders are only agreeing to share their material with eGranary users.  Users of the eGranary are only allowed to share eGranary materials over local intranets, not over the internet.
  • Users are prohibited from any alterations of eGranary content beyond the simple addition and deletion of whole pages in the eGranary.