The eGranary Appliance

Also known as "The Internet in a Box"™
The eGranary Digital Library is delivered as a plug-and-play server that fits effortlessly into any local area network, providing instant access to millions of digital documents.

Here are just a few features the eGranary has to offer:

  • Easy installation
  • Fast - up to 5,000 times faster than a satellite connection
  • Can cut Internet connectivity costs by 70 percent or more 
  • Looks and acts just like the real Internet - users need no additional training. 
  • Content and software are updateable via a subscription to the eGranary Digital Library Update Service 
  • Fast and comprehensive search capabilities 
  • Reliable and fast platform for building and delivering any curriculum
  • 30 million documents and growing...

Some of the key technical features of the eGranary include:

  • Runs on Microsoft Windows 7 Operating Systems
  • Can be configured to provide all basic network services (DNS, DHCP, etc.)
  • Customized proxy
  • Users find resources using their original URLs
  • Integrates easily with existing Internet connection
  • Search services based on Lucene indexing and Java search interface
  • 20GB of space for the development of local Web content
  • Local content indexed along with eGranary Digital Library content
  • Full-time tracking of usage and errors
  • Real usage feedback for contributing authors/publishers/curriculum builders
  • Provides librarians statistics on patron preferences
  • Accounts for amount of bandwidth conserved
  • Indicates what additional content is desired by patrons

Have questions or need more information? E-mail or give us a call at 919-240-4622.