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eGAcademy Training Programs 2017



WiderNet  is pleased to invite you to our Nigeria eGranary Academy summer training program August 14-18 at the Gusau Institute in Kaduna.


Workshop Details

Mastering Digital Information (Web 1.0)

We cover the basics of using the eGranary Digital Library in day-to-day life. to research topics, discover educational resources, learn new concepts, utilize resources in teaching others, develop lesson plans, etc.

These training courses are applicable to absolutely everyone interested in using or teaching the eGranary. This includes librarians, instructors, technicians, administrators, students, and users.

Here is a breakdown of standard topics to be covered in the Mastering Digital information workshop, from the basics of navigating the eGranary for information retrieval to using resources from the eGranary as teaching tools.


Trainees will learn the basics of how the World Wide Web and client-server computing work. They will be introduced to browsing the eGranary interface and catalog using the browse option, text search, portal navigation. They will become proficient in searching for specific content and then copying, saving, printing, bookmarking, and organizing that content.


Trainees will learn how to perform an effective catalog search using techniques to increase relevance in search results. They will be introduced to Boolean search operators, learn how to narrow a search with facets, and discover how to find related resources.

Digital Literacy

Trainees will learn to mine treasure troves of information as well as develop techniques to contrast, compare, and verify information validity and usefulness.  

Reuse, Repurpose

Trainees will learn how to work with digital resources including how to download, save, cut, and paste. They will discover how to repurpose resources to provide information to others using a found resource. This segment also covers the concepts of Intranet vs Internet, Copyright and Fair Use, and Open Source and Creative Commons.


Creating Digital Content (Web 2.0)

Creating Your Own Web Pages with the Community Information Platform (CIP)

This training will introduce built-in digital library tools to add, edit, and share local content, for personalization and community information sharing. Trainees will be instructed on how to use the open source software and Web 2.0 technologies to set up unlimited Web sites for their patrons. They will learn how to use the built-in software to upload and manage files, as well as edit Web pages in a "what you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) environment.

Web Design Techniques

Covers planning and executing a good web site, color and design theory, and cascading style sheets. They will also be introduced to bitmap image manipulation and creation, vector graphics, creating and editing PDFs, audio editing, and presentation design.

Digitizing Local Resources

Using scanners, cameras, smartphones, and OCR, we'll demonstrate low-cost ways to effectively digitize, archive, and share locally-produced materials.  We'll discuss "born digital" strategies and securing resources for posterity, focusing on optimizing images for both the Web and archival purposes.

Creating New Images, Videos, and Audio

This segment will have participants creating new images, manipulating ('photoshopping") existing images, and recording and editing audio.  We'll demonstrate free open-source tools like GIMP, Inkscape, and Audacity, world-class software used by professionals everywhere.