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Donation Information

Thank you to everyone who has donated to WiderNet previously. As of January 1, we are no longer accepting donations for refurbished equipment in anticipation of WiderNet's move to North Carolina.

We are still accepting monetary donations. Information on this is available at

Below is a list of other organizations that may accept donations of refurbished equipment. WiderNet is not affiliated with these organizations and this information may not be completely accurate or up-to-date. Contact them for confirmation and/or clarification:

Cellular phones? These organizations might: Iowa City Public Library, Cell Phones for SoldiersEarthworks, and the Domestic Violence Intervention Program. Please contact them for confirmation and/or specifics.

If none of these fit your needs/location, there are databases of charity organizations that you can search:

Can WiderNet make a donation to my organization? We don't generally make donations to organizations that we aren't currently working with on a project (i.e. a computer lab, eGranary, etc.) The above listed organizations may be involved in providing donations, but again, you'll need to contact them for information.

Thank you again!