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eGranary Digital Library License Agreement

This license agreement covers the content of the eGranary hard drive, not the hardware itself.

This license agreement between the WiderNet Project and the undersigned eGranary Digital Library subscriber outlines the obligations of both parties with respect to owning and operating an eGranary Digital Library.

The undersigned subscriber is the organization or individual that has acquired the eGranary for purposes of using the content or offering the content to patrons via an intranet. If this agreement has been generated from a Web interface, a hard copy of this agreement will be provided upon delivery of the hard drive with the eGranary Digital Library.


The contents of the eGranary Digital Library are to be made available at no cost to patrons. This does not preclude the subscriber charging reasonable fees for conventional infrastructure, computer usage, and logistical services, but there should be no charges levied for use of the content itself.

The subscriber may make eGranary Digital Library materials available to their community via an intranet, but under no circumstances make the materials available to users outside their community via the Internet.

For clarification: an intranet is a private computer network that uses Internet protocols and network connectivity to securely share part of an organization's information or operations with its members, whereas the Internet is a worldwide mesh of interconnected computer networks that is accessible by the public.

Copyrights belong to the original authors and/or publishers. eGranary Digital Library materials must remain in their original form, including all citations, copyright information, author information, and credits. Use of copyrighted materials in the eGranary Digital Library must be in a matter consistent with fair academic use, and not copied or used without proper credit and/or permission from the copyright holder.

The eGranary Digital Library may not be copied and distributed without explicit written permission from the WiderNet Project.


The WiderNet Project will occasionally provide system updates to fix problems or improve functionality of the eGranary Digital Library. These updates will be provided for free for one year after purchase. After one year, the subscriber is responsible for shipping costs (if any.) System updates will be available for free download from the WiderNet Project's FTP site.

If purchased, the WiderNet Project will provide regular content updates of the eGranary Digital Library to the subscriber. It is the subscriber's responsibility to receive and implement these updates for their local community.

The subscriber will provide the WiderNet Project with up-to-date administrative, librarian, and technical contacts. The WiderNet Project will not be responsible to provide updates, technical support, or project communications to subscribers with out-of-date contact information.

The subscriber will provide semi-annual reports on the use of the eGranary Digital Library to The WiderNet Project.

The subscriber will provide the WiderNet Project with eGranary Web server logs on a semi-annual basis. At the subscriber's request, the WiderNet Project will provide a report analyzing the results. All data collected from subscribers will have identifying information removed before being provided to the general public.

Subscribers are encouraged to add their own content to their copy of the eGranary Digital Library. Alterations to the eGranary hard disk may be lost or damaged during content updates, repairs, virus attacks, etc. It is the responsibility of the subscriber to maintain an up-to-date archive of their custom content.

The subscriber will provide training for local staff and patrons in the use of the eGranary Digital Library. The WiderNet Project will provide tutorials, promotional materials, and on-line help in the eGranary Digital Library.

This agreement will terminate immediately upon breach of or non-compliance with any of its terms.

If you agree to these conditions and would like to acquire a copy of the eGranary Digital Library, please click "next."


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