In the Beginning...

wpe22.jpg (8962 bytes) At the airport with over thirty boxes to check in. Thanks to our generous donors, we carried 20 computer systems and a wealth of software to Nigeria. Dirk Staatsen and Martine Kintziger provided the brawn and drove the U-Haul truck back to Iowa City.





wpe24.jpg (11135 bytes)Michael navigates the plane over the Sahara desert while Cliff and the pilot compare laptops.








wpe23.jpg (11014 bytes)We were met in Kano by staff from the University of Jos and the US Information Service. The 34 boxes of donated computer equipment and our stuff was loaded aboard the UNIJOS bus for the four hour trip south. Government license plates allowed us to speed past military and police checkpoints. We took a circuitous route to avoid areas where armed robbers have been stopping cars. A local missionary was killed two weeks ago as he tried to escape highway robbers. Our trip, thankfully, was uneventful.