Family Pictures

CJ@Mccainsx.jpg (4146 bytes) Carolyn at the McCain's our first night in Jos
Dinner with the McCain's and Phil and Vick Ostien dinner w Ostiens at Macainsx.jpg (4931 bytes)
MVC-156Fx.jpg (4311 bytes)
Michael and "that darn cat" (as Dad calls him...) MVC-168Fx.jpg (2959 bytes)
MVC-176Fx.jpg (4926 bytes) Flora and fauna...
..from our backyard. MVC-179Fx.jpg (5220 bytes)
MVC-187Fx.jpg (4722 bytes) Boys and dogs!
Our parrot Polly has several friends who visit throughout the day MVC-193Fx.jpg (3005 bytes)
MVC-195Fx.jpg (5335 bytes) Carolyn delights in the wild poinsetta that dot the landscape here.
Princess, the soon-to-be mother dog. MVC-200Fx.jpg (3322 bytes)
MVC-201Fx.jpg (3654 bytes) CJ and Jake on our front porch
The Jakester. MVC-202Fx.jpg (3720 bytes)
MVC-203Fx.jpg (4877 bytes)
MVC-204Fx.jpg (4841 bytes)
MVC-206Fx.jpg (3620 bytes) Our front porch as sen from the top of the driveway
Our house as seen from the road. MVC-208Fx.jpg (4172 bytes)
mvc-210fx.jpg (3614 bytes) Our neighbor's house: the McCains
It was the rainy season when we arrived and the skies were filled with thunderclouds. mvc-211fx.jpg (2639 bytes)
mvc-212fx.jpg (4469 bytes) Our "belle" surveys her domain...
Dogs.. mvc-213fx.jpg (4227 bytes)
mvc-214fx.jpg (4712 bytes) ...and boys...
.. and bliss MVC-215Fx.jpg (4388 bytes)
MVC-216Fx.jpg (4574 bytes) Jake and Michael with Princess and Prince in front of the night guard's hut.
Carfolyn keeps in shape in our front room. mvc-279fx.jpg (2434 bytes)
mvc-287fx.jpg (3143 bytes) We've seen lots of different churches since we arrived.
Michael and "uncle" Phil Ostien. mvc-289x.jpg (4446 bytes)
mvc-299fx.jpg (7421 bytes) Jake.  All dressed up for church.
Carolyn, still smiling after a two hour Catholic service.  Vicki Ostien is on the left. mvc-293fx.jpg (6495 bytes)
mvc-296fx.jpg (6686 bytes) Eveyone wants their picture taken with a "baturi."
(Hausa for 'from Europe.')
Michael and his neighbor buddy, Gonin. mvc-316fx.jpg (3297 bytes)
mvc-317fx.jpg (2990 bytes)
Carolyn has accomplished a lot of reading since we arrived. mvc-320fx.jpg (4844 bytes)
mvc-321fx.jpg (4796 bytes) CJ reading in our front room
Our first night guard, Nuhu. mvc-405fx.jpg (9537 bytes)
mvc-406fx.jpg (9679 bytes) Nuhu and the boys.
Jake and Prince. mvc-409fx.jpg (7763 bytes)
mvc-410fx.jpg (6049 bytes) Michael and Princess.
Our neighbor, Victor... mvc-423fx.jpg (2898 bytes)
mvc-433fx.jpg (4923 bytes) ... introduces us to the Plateau Club table tennis team.