Jake's Cub Camping Trip

Mvc-811f.jpg (59699 bytes) Our scout group went camping.

This is McKinsey, one of our scouts, setting the fire. This fire's for cooking.  We made another fire for warmth, but this one's for cooking and the flames go really high and it's really hot.

This is George cutting the firewood with a machete (a long knife, almost like a sword.)  I almost cut my foot off when the machete hit the tree and bounced back off to the ground.  Mvc-819f.jpg (92522 bytes)
Mvc-834f.jpg (54852 bytes) Went went for a hike.  We hiked for two hours through the savanna.   We came across this herd of cows being tended by a Fulani kid, who was probably eight years old.

We never reached our desitnation, the dam, where the water was stored for swimming.

This is us on our hike.  It was easier walking up and down the stream than through the bush. 

There are places that are so slippery that you always fall.  At least two or three kids fell, including me.  I had to keep my backpack up out of the water because it had a camera in it.

This is us having a water fight!

Mvc-840f.jpg (80702 bytes)
Mvc-843f.jpg (53807 bytes) This is me in the water.  Later on my shoes slipped from my feet and I had to run after them.

The water color is the way it is because there's people doing tin mining all up and down the stream.

This is us sliding up and down the waterfalls.  It is really fun because it is just like a real water slide. Part of it is so hard that only the older kids (none of the scouts) could go down it or they would probably break a leg. Mvc-850f.jpg (76745 bytes)
Mvc-856f.jpg (82800 bytes) This is me and George heading back from the water falls. 

We had a lot of fun on the camping trip.  My favorite part was the falls and walking up and down the stream.