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January, 1999

January 1999 – Happy New Year!

We have had a tremendous holiday. Our big family treat was going on safari a few days after Christmas at Yankari Game Reserve. Oh, my, what an experience. Riding on the back of a truck we saw baboons, elephants, crocodiles, several species of monkey, water buck, monitor lizards, wart hogs and a gazillion interesting birds. In the morning baboons were trying to get in our windows. It was like the reverse of being in a zoo with them staring in at us. I had to carry Michael's things because the baboons were as big as he and would take them from him. Another special attraction at Yankari was a huge pool created by a natural hot (warm) spring. It was a great way to start and end the day. It is one of the few places we can get into the water because of schistosomiasis. This water is bottled and sold as drinking water. THEN, New Years held a unexpected treat. We had to cancel a planned trip to Abuja because of petrol shortage and went instead to a nearby village with colorful dancing, drumming, masquerades, and more. It was kind of like the African version of a Pow-Wow crossed with a circus. It was a gift from the universe.

We are having a wonderful time! - few outside commitments, home every evening, good work, good school, great neighbors, no commercialism, few toys, no TV, lots of pets, ect....So far this has been an exotic, idyllic year. Of course I think one of the reasons we are enjoying it so much is that it is only for one year, then we return to home and a community we love.

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